Saturday, September 8, 2012


A late update for my best buddy's birthday celebrated. First round had a dinner at Yea Japanese BBQ & Shabu Shabu ate with full belly boge. Second round turn Mericosa restaurant we reserved the whole restaurant. Sending a belated birthday wishes, may your dreams come true and everything goes well :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Suntan ♥

Yippee... Suntan! Is really hard to find a friend who willing under the sun. Luckly make it, even though wasn't a sunny day. Haze everywhere :(

Dang... A bikini from my best friend, at last I wore it! Keep it almost 1 year or above :x

At Hard Rock Hotel

- Creativity of Mosaic Art -

- A special rooms direct access from the pool -

- Incredible Poolside Bar -

- Pool Games -

Is relaxing to lay comfortably in the sand on a beautiful beach. Unfortunately, aim didn't succeed because of no enough sunshine. Still the same skin tone :( But still enjoyed it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Steps to the top of island's

Yeah... Here we go outdoor activities! Hike to the top of island, Penang Hill.
It's totally different compared with four years ago after the renovation, it become more attractive and fun. Should visit!

Train tickets here.
If you're Malaysian, don't forget showing your ID before buy a ticket. Special price $.$

New, The Owl Museum showcases the largest collection of owl-themed arts and craft collections in ASEAN. It's Amazing! Look at those sculptures, it reminds me the project I've did in college life. My Eagle Sculpture

Cacat right? Fine, below are masterpiece

I'm addicted to owls. Lurbe all those arts, craft, toys and accessories as well. Just bought a pair of earring there. Besides in traditions and superstitions, owls symbolize luck and protects one from suffering :)

New, David Brown's Restaurant. Great restaurant with indoor and alfresco dining area whereby you can enjoy high tea along a pond with cool fresh air. Guys, is best place to take a date!

A few fun photos were taken

- Creativity owl's head -

- The mini colourful telescopes -

Take a break, relax your mind and feel for the natural world! Steps to the top of Penang Hill.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

✎ Birthday Celebrated

A late update for my birthday celebrations.
Oh my god, digits is getting bigger I don't wish growing older. I know it wouldn't be :(
Here thousand thanks to my friends spend a time celebrated with me, even though had some accident happen around us.

From rob, we gain where the true friends are. Appreciated who give a helping hands.
First, I was wishing my family and friends stay healthy and happy always. (Don't sad any more, good luck turn) Second and third wishes is hidden in secret.
May my dreams come true!


Thank you friends celebrated
- Banana Leaf Indian Cuisine -

Thanks to Craze members celebrated
- Daorae Korean BBQ -

Thanks for giving a birthday cakes
Sad my heart shape cake was melting when opened it T.T

Besides, here thanks again received a birthday presents. For the clothes and all the chocolates 
I love it 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Take a break

The best weekend to explored town with beloved friend. Hopefully she (from Kelatan) enjoyed the moment. Here we went to...

Great place to go for a walk at Lake Garden

Just walked in to Burmese Pool

The view of Golf Resort

Cool dessert for hot weather, feeling great! Aulong Laksa

A break time had dinner with my lovely sister and her friend. Phillips of the day at Nagaria.

Time passed nightlife begin, had a cup of coffee and chit chat at Starbucks.
 Tik... Tok... 12 midnight, sick of feeling hungry at the moment, hurry up to second round, supper with fat.

Dang... Everyone love! Oily food Chicken Wings and Lok Bak

The next day, sunday. Time to enjoyed again before back. Ops... no home cook! Parents was busy trip to somewhere. Took lunch at Kapitan Kopitiam (as advice don't order tomyam)

Accidently met, angry birds. Dislike it, just snap for fun to my friend. Beside bought a chicken and pig for dad and mum follow by they zodiac.

Few pictures of weekly life. At Tong Pak Fu and Morganfield's. I grabbed this Tequila Spiked Chicken, it's the last dish served. Lucky~